Let’s come together to celebrate the Administrative professionals’ week and the international secretary’s day!

Whoever has the chance of working with an administrative assistant or a secretary knows too well how essential they are. Their work is too often underestimated and taken for granted. Without them, many organizations and the business world in general could operate as smoothly as it does. Our administrative professionals are always the first ones to offer help and brighten our days with their smiles and work ethic.

This year, the administrative professionals’ week will span between April 23rd and April 29th 2017, with the international secretary’s day on Wednesday April 26th. This week was first celebrated in North America in 1952 as a tool to promote this fantastic profession. These efforts were necessary to end the shortage of qualified workers in the workforce. 65 years later, the shortage does not appear to be eliminated as the workforce will never have too many of these sources happiness and productivity.

Do not miss this occasion to thank them and let your administrative professionals know that their had work has not gone unnoticed. Pass by our downtown location and we will make sure to offer you’re a beautiful arrangement that they will be able to keep on their desk or a nice bouquet that they will be able to bring home.